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About Us

Since 2003, MKC has provided Alberta with full service bridging.

About Darren Knight of Mid-Knight Contractors

Being raised in a construction atmosphere has allowed me to gain extensive experience in all types of construction. While growing up in Saskatchewan and Alberta my father owned and operated a couple construction companies. Starting out with land clearing for local farmers and progressing into oilfield work for various oil companies building leases, roads and plant sites. This allowed me at a very young age to operate all types of equipment which in turn gave me an early start to hone my skills as an equipment operator. 


I worked with my father for a few years while finishing school and for a year or so after graduating, but in time wanted to go out and find my own way. I tried for a brief period to work on drilling rigs but always wanted to get back into running heavy equipment, so after a few years I left my hometown and headed to Grande Prairie to try something new.


I moved near Grande Prairie in 1989 and after working for a couple companies I, with my wife, started Mid-Knight Contractors Ltd in 2003. We provide a full service of bridging, including maintenance, pile driving, rentals, sales, and inspections and now have a fleet of heavy equipment and winch trucks for all aspects of oilfield work.


We pride ourselves with providing the best service possible at a fair price.

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